Xmas Blues 2014

It’s Christmas Day. TV’s full of Xmas adverts, people wishing each other happy Xmas, and it all just pulls me further down. Xmas cheer? I feel anything but. The more I’m expected to feel a certain way, the more I go the opposite direction.

It’s a common theme nowadays. The festive season is upon us, which sucks everyone into a sheep-like mentality. Party hard, drink lots, buy things you can’t afford to appease the increasingly spoiled future generations, spend time with family and be happy. No matter if you don’t have family, or you’d rather that wasn’t the case; no matter who’s been trodden on throughout the year – be happy.

While the news focuses on another black teenager getting shot dead in the US, unrest elsewhere or tragic accidents, there is no mention of other groups regularly getting forgotten. While people celebrate another over-commercialised holiday, another trans person has ended his own life. For others they face another Christmas of being disrespected or forgotten. The same can be said for other LGBT people, but trans folk remain invisible.

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