Be still my creeping skin…

Copypasta job from Susan’s again, apart from a link edit. This time it’s a little more serious.

First off, this is in reference to the thread here: First taste of persecution – if you haven’t already read it, do that first.

Done that? Okay, here we go…

* Sam draws breath

It’s been over a year since that little incident. I’ve seen him on and off at church, we’ve had the odd little chat “Hi, how are you” etc., and all’s been well. I saw him tonight, we chatted a bit more. Had to keep reminding him that I’m not a woman, that if I was I wouldn’t be doing this in the first place, and eventually he seemed to get it. Went outside after a while since he smokes and it’s also a lot quieter, he mentioned feeling suicidal and spoke a little about it, which I was glad for.

Then he asked if I’d go back with him, to “make sure he didn’t hurt himself.” Alarm bells were starting to sound already and I subsequently turned him down, suggesting instead he spoke to someone more able to help him. He was saying things like helping the needy since I’m Christian and all.. I knew full well what he was doing and stood my ground. He settled for hanging out for a little while outside church before we walked off. Although as we walked down the stairs, he started saying how he was “struggling with his sexuality and might in fact be bisexual.”


“Oh, okay,” I politely acknowledged, managing to conceal my misgivings. He may have been truthful, but it sounds way too suspect to me – more like he still sees me as a girl and is just trying to make it seem otherwise for my sake.

So, as we’re walking off he asks the typical questions I’ve come to expect when in need of some Trans 101. I cut him a bit of slack for reasons mentioned in linked post and explained as best as I was happy with. Then he starts saying how he’s attracted to me… and that he’d like to have sex with me. His words.

I was as honest with him as he was me; I had to tell him a few times that no, I’m not comfortable with the idea, no it won’t make me feel any better, but he eventually let up and we went our separate ways. I heaved a big sigh of relief at getting away from the situation, but also apprehension.

This guy only lives a few streets away. I’m waiting for my housemate/landlord to get back from his weekend break so I can tell him about this latest development, and that I’m currently not feeling safe living so close to this guy. I’m typing this partly to offload so I can sleep, but also partly for CYA purposes in case this gets ugly. It may all come to nothing, but I’m starting to get a little freaked out now – please God, don’t let this turn into a stalker case :S

Photo credit:Vladimir Boudko

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