Resorting to desperate measures to conquer writer’s block…

I’m crazy. Yes, I know that already 😛 But I’m gonna do this. I need the motivation to actually write something, and this is perfect.

[info]lj_nanowrimo is doing awesome things like making a donation to the Young Writer’s Program for every participant who finishes – even better motivation.

I have the ideas already – I’ve had them for years, in fact, originally in game form but it’s too story-based for that, really. The trick is to get it all down in a good way. I’m gonna finish the VDSRL one way or another by November if it’s the last thing I do 😛

Wish me luck xx

EDIT: Well, I did it 😀 Not of publishable quality, partly ’cause it isn’t even finished, but I hit my 50k 🙂

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